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Steve Sipe

Steve Sipe
Manager of Autograph Authentication
Experience: 37 years

No one in the modern hobby era has collected, witnessed, or authenticated more signatures of modern or vintage athletes than Steve. His career started in 1986 working for Reggie Jackson and two major league baseball rookies named Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Steve was in charge of managing the signings for Jose, Mark and Reggie as their popularity grew during the late 80’s and early 90’s. In 1990 Steve joined Upper Deck Authenticated as the Director of Athlete Relations where it was his job to witness all of the signings of the worlds most famous athletes including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr., Joe Montana, Mickey Mantle, Jack Nicklaus, Dan Marino, and Ted Williams just to name a few.(see photos) Over his 13 years at Upper Deck Steve was responsible for the collection of all of the companies autographs and authenticating totaling well over 3 million autographs across all sports.

Brandon Mysinger

Brandon Mysinger
Senior NASCAR Authenticator
Experience: 20 years

Brandon has obtained such an extensive Autograph collection Over the last 20 years by obtaining the drivers autographs in-person and working with various drivers and teams at many NASCAR tracks and special autograph events. His collected autographs range from drivers in the 1950's to current Super Star drivers and Rookies. Brandon has authored articles published in Autograph Collector magazine that focuses on signature studies and is currently writing a book regarding the NASCAR Autograph hobby and it's history.

Brandon's extensive research and consulting work with other industry experts make his opinion the most sought after in the hobby when in comes to NASCAR signatures. Brandon is the ONLY recognized NASCAR Autograph expert in the United States of America and is a member of Global Authentics LLC's Authentication Team. Brandon also works VERY close with ebay's fraud division on a daily basis. With Brandon's help, HUNDREDS of NASCAR forgeries have been removed from the marketplace each year.

Brandon's goal in the hobby is to simply help educate the buyers and to remove as many forgeries as possible within the marketplace. Brandon continuously render's his opinion for to ANY customer who seeks his assistance he enjoy's the personal contact with customers which allows him to ensure that the customer has a clear understanding of the item in question. Brandon has time and again shown that authentication should be less about making money and more about educating buyers in hopes that they will not be a victim of a forgery.

Brandon's current opinion is that NASCAR autograph forgeries are on the rise faster than ANY other section of the hobby. This is mirrored by NASCAR's international growth and continuous gaining of popularity. The huge DEMAND of NASCAR driver's autographs can not meet up with the supply. Though it may be that EVERY NASCAR driver signs HUNDREDS of autographs a week during the race season, the supply can not be met in the market due to the high number of COLLECTOR'S who keep the autographs out of the commercial system.

Steve Wigderson

Steve Wigderson
Senior Authenticator
Experience: 39 years

With nearly four decades of experience in buying, selling and collecting sports, entertainment, and historic autographs and memorabilia, Steve brings a vast repository of knowledge to the Global Authentics team.

In addition to owning and operating one of the West Coast's first full time sports memorabilia stores, Steve started obtaining his own in-person autographs in the 1970's including, amongst others, the legendary greats Thurman Munson, Willie Shoemaker, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Steve's extensive experience in the autograph industry not only includes obtaining signatures firsthand, but also a wealth of valuable information such as a plethora of exemplars and signature nuances from a multitude of celebrities.

Throughout his career, Steve has kept up with the constant changes of the ever-evolving autograph industry and is well acquainted with most areas of autographs, even beyond the more commonly collected fields.


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