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Signed-in-the-Presence Autograph Authentication

Global Authentics LLC signed in the presence service is your guarantee that a Global certified representative was present and has witnessed the item as it was being signed.

Global Authentics LLC provides access to its autograph authentication database to anyone interested in verifying the certification number on the tamper evident label.

When you see a listing of a Global authenticated item for sale, the unique certification number can be found on both the Certificate of Authenticity and the matching tamper evident label that is affixed to the item. Upon verification, you will be presented with the authentication date and location of the signing, description of the autographed item and name.

Representatives of Global Authentics LLC attend numerous public and private celebrity signings across the country. Collectors who take advantage of our "Signed-in-the-Presence" authentication program receive the Signed-in-the-Presence guarantee. We guarantee the authenticity of every W certification.

Each Global authenticated item must have a Global (COA) Certificate of Authenticity and a tamper evident label sharing the same unique serial number. If the (COA) is lost you can send the item back to Global for a re-certification, the service fee is $10 dollars.

Collector Advantages
We offer a Pedigree and Image up-load for your collectible, for example, you can place the John Smith Collection and add an image of the item onto our database creating additional provenance as you build your collection. For more details contact a Global customer service representative 949.366.9500 or email at

The Global Five Step Process:
1. The collectible is signed in the presence of a Global Certified Representative
2. A tamper evident label is affixed to the item
3. Each item is assigned a unique certification number
4. Each item is accompanied with a (COA) with a corresponding certification number
5. All items are entered into the Global database and can be verified using CertCheck


Global Authentics LLC
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Phone: 949-366-9500 or
Phone 2: 1-949-294-7211

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