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The Global Authentics LLC Digital Review is a web based autograph verification service that takes the risk out of learning whether your collectible or the item that you plan on buying is truly genuine.

Having a higher level of confidence about the authenticity of your collectible, you then ship your item to Global for formal certification with much greater peace of mind.

This is a very simple process that requires only minutes of your time but the rewards of knowing that your collectible is genuine will last a lifetime.

Please take a moment to thoroughly read and understand the Digital Review Guide and Terms and Conditions before you begin.

If you have any questions or special requests, please email Steve Sipe.

Digital Review

Cost comparison chart.

Digital Review $10 serviceRegular $10 mail-in service
5 items
x $10 per item
= $50
+ shipping $0
Total: $50
5 items
x $10 per item
= $50
+ shipping $55
Total: $105

You save an average of $55 per 5 item order using the Digital Review.

In addition to these savings, your Review fee can be applied to a traditional mail-in order when you upgrade to a full COA or LOA style service.

How it works:


Payment information

There is a small fee for using this service with a 24 hour respond time. Credit card, Debit card and PayPal account holders are all welcome to use this service.


Item Description

Briefly describe the image so that our verification team can rapidly process your order.


Image Upload

Shoot an image of your collectible and upload it to our website or you can link to an image already stored on another site.
Image size must be smaller than 1 MB.


Email Response and Order Completion

Your order will be complete after our verification team has sent you an email response regarding the authenticity of you collectible.

Certain Terms and Conditions apply to opinions rendered by this service.

Global Authentic a leader in autograph verification

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