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Submission Forms

Download submission forms here.

Fill them out, print them and ship them along with your collectibles. If you have any other questions, please contact us here.

New Web-based Submission Forms - easier to use no special downloads required. Fill out these new forms out before you print them, this will greatly reduce the turnaround time on your order!

Make sure to print two copies after you fill out one of these forms and keep a copy for yourself.

The Acrobat Reader Submission Forms have been removed from our site. Please call if you have difficulty displaying or printing the new html submission forms and we'll send you an alternate submission form.

Shipping Instructions and Insurance Rates

Submission and Shipping Instructions

  1. Print your name, Global member number and return address in the provided on the submission form. Global cannot be responsible for proper return shipment with incomplete or incorrect address information. If you do not have a Global member number, we will assign you a number upon your first submission to our service.
  2. Select type of service. One type of service per invoice.

  3. Indicate number of items listed on each line. You may list more than one item per line if they are the same type of item. Include the value of each item. Enter the total numbers of items and the insured value. Insure your items by today's market value. You may use the price guide of your choice to determine the insured value of your items.
  4. In the Payment Method area indicate your payment type. Your account will charged upon completion and providing payment information in advance is optional. However, doing so in advance will greatly speed up your order processing time. Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 fee. Failure to include shipping fees or insurance values will cause delays in turnaround times.
  5. Failure to completely and accurately fill out the submission form will result in delayed turnaround times or additional charges.
  6. To expedite the processing of your order, please indicate the type of service desired on the outside on the outside of the package.

Ship your collectibles to:

Global Authentics LLC
2173 Salk Avenue / Suite 250
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Performance Terms and Conditions

Global will make every effort to grade the submitted items within the requested time frame. We reserve the right to change the stated turnaround times at our discretion. Global disclaims any liability for damages due to Global's failure to grade any item within the stated time frame.

If Global determines that a customer's collectible was lost or damaged while in Global's possession, Global reserves the right to determine the customer's compensation in accordance with Global's standard procedures.

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all items immediately upon receipt from Global. Upon inspection, the customer must report any damage or discrepancy to Global within 3 business days.

Global guarantees the grade and authenticity of all items that remain in a Global tamper evident holder or retain a Global certification sticker. Any damage to a Global tamper evident holder while not in the possession of Global invalidates any Global guarantee.

Global recommends that items submitted to Global be packaged for shipment in accordance with Global Shipping Instructions (step 8). Global disclaims any liability whatsoever for any damage that may occur to items before they arrive at Global.

Global disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, regarding Global goods and services including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any dispute arising from the customer's submission of collectibles to Global shall be held in the Superior Court of San Diego County, California. Customer agrees to waive any right to a trial by jury in any such action and that the prevailing party in any such action shall be entitled to an award of any attorney fees and court costs.

Order Processing (turnaround) times.

Global assures you that we will make every effort to have grades available on our website or from our customer care department within the requested time in business days. The first business day of your requested service begins the day after we receive your order not including holidays.

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate - Memorabilia

Envelope - Starting at $7.35 plus insurance cost/Signature Required cost

Medium Flat Rate Box - Starting at $14.35 plus insurance cost/Signature Required cost

Large Flat Rate Box - Starting at $19.95 plus insurance cost/Signature Required cost

Priority Mail (Chose Your Own Packaging) starting at $7.50 plus insurance costs/signature required cost and weight/size costs.

Fed Ex shipping also available upon request.


Global Authentics LLC
2173 Salk Avenue / Suite 250
Carlsbad, CA 92008


Phone: 949-366-9500 or
Phone 2: 1-949-294-7211

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