Autograph Authentication Applications

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Global offers complete collection assessments and valuation for our clients. We have been contracted by major celebrities and sports atheletes to authenticate and value their collections. This service offers a wide variety of solutions to manage collections, providing a finished product onto a Compact Disc which inventories every item. This product is used by insurance companies to insure the third party value of our clients collections. We keep the annonimity of our clients collections private by entering into non-disclosure aggrements protecting their prized collectibles.

Property Casualty Insurer

Insurance providers underwrite museum quality collections of significant memorabilia that is commonly on loan to other museums. In the event that any item in the collection were damaged, stolen or switched the Property Casualty company needs the ability to positively identify each item that was sent out on loan.


Protecting the insurers interest and sensitivity to the museums request of a system that employs archival process. Global developed a proprietary invisible forensic marking system allowing positive identification of each item. Upon arriving in each city the museum now has the ability to check each item with ease. This system is supported by a secure database and a forensic scanner which reads which item Global has applied our forensic marker to.

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