How Autograph Authentication Works

autographPhysical Analyses

Each item undergoes the following review:

  • Side-By-Side Comparisons
  • Ink/Medium Analysis
  • Autograph Structure
  • Object Evaluation

Global Authentics Label

A tamper evident label bearing a unique serial number is affixed to the item or the Letter of Authenticity.

Letter of Authenticity

A comprehensive letter describing your authenticated item and characteristics of the examination.

Additionally you will find:

  • A high quality color photograph of the item
  • Matching Certification Number
  • Signed by the authenticator

Certificate of Authenticity

Each authenticated item is also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that displays the unique matching certification number for that item.

Online Database Documentation

After each item has been authenticated, the results can be reviewed using the CertCheck feature on our website.

The Information page will exhibit:

  • Photograph of the item and autograph
  • Authentication date
  • Authentication details

Non-Authenticated & Inconclusive Items

If an item cannot be authenticated or is found inconsistent by our experts, a letter of explanation can be provided for an additional fee based on the item. You can call 949-366-9500 or email at

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